2 - Configure

Set up the Palmup SDK in Unity


Complete Download & Install. Your Unity app should already have the Palmup SDK installed.

Get your IDs from email

Your IDs (Publisher Key & App Key) allow the Palmup SDK to identify your organization and provide you ads.

To receive your IDs, get in touch with [email protected]

Open the email your received from @palmup.io entitled "Palmup SDK Initialization" and get these two keys :

  • Your Publisher Key that identifies your organisation.

  • Your App Key which is a unique key for the application you are integrating.

Set your ID within Unity

In Unity, open your project then go to Window > Palmup to open the Palmup Window.

Enter your Publisher Key and App Key in each field 1 & 2.

Your changes are auto-saved, you can simply close the window !

Add Palmup Object

To work, the SDK needs a specific object added to the first scene of your app.

Open the scene that load first in your app. (there is no chance that this scene is named "Scene A - The one that load first !" in your project, this is for example)

From the Window > Palmup window go to Scene setup and click the "Add" button

Now you should see a "Palmup" object in your first scene as below :

Well done! You are done with the configuration of the SDK!