1 - Download & install

Download & install the Palmup SDK into your Unity app.


  • Use Unity 2018.4.17f1 or higher

  • Get Android build support & iOS build support installed

  • To deploy to Android

    • Target Android API level 22 or higher

    • Using .NET 4.x or equivalent (build settings / android / configuration / scripting runtime version)

  • To deploy to iOS

    • Xcode 10 or higher

    • iOs 8.4 or higher

    • Be sure that Metal Editor Support checkbox is disabled in unity/playerSettings/OtherSettings/rendering

SDK Download

Use the link below to download the Unity package for the Palmup Ads plugin

Download here

If you already have installed the SDK and want to update it, see the Update SDK section!

Package Installation

Open your project in the Unity editor. Select Assets > Import Package > Custom Package and find the PalmupAds-vx.x.x.unitypackage file you've downloaded.

Click 'Import' at the bottom-right of the window that show up.

You should see the PalmupAds folder in your Assets folder as below

You are done with the installation of the SDK!