7 - Customize ads

Personalize ads position to nicely fit your app UI.


Complete Display ads

Be sure to enable 'testMode' when testing ads. Window>Palmup>SDK Settings>TestMode

Read our white paper on how to properly integrate advertising in your app!

Personalize Ads Size

Go to Window > Palmup and in Ad Settings

Personalize ads size on the screen using the sliders :

In portrait mode, the percentage si relative to the width of the screen
In landscape mode, Percent is relative to the height dimension of the screen

Personalize Ads Position Roughly

Go to Window > Palmup and in Ad Settings

Personalize ads position on the screen using the two sliders :

Personalize Ads Position Precisely

To adjust more precisely the ads position, go up to SDK Settingssection and turn on Preview Mode

Then, enter 'Playmode' to test the way your ads display on screen.

You should see a rectangle showing the ad space on your screen

Still in 'Playmode', you can adjust ads position in live (position of the target) using sliders in Window > Palmup > Ad Settings

And see the ad position target moving in live.

Simply click on the 'click to pop an ad' button to preview the ad in your game Window>Palmup

If the button doesn't show up, be sure that the 'testMode' checkbox is checked in Window>Palmup>SDK Settings

When you are done with the ad position, simply exit Playmode.

Your ads position is now personalized! Ads will now pop at the place you've chosen.

Before production build

Before building your app for production, make sure to uncheck

'Debug mode' , 'Preview Mode' and 'Test mode' before building your app for production

You are ready to publish your app with Palmup!