SDK V3 Update

What's new in Palmup SDK V3

I am updating the SDK from a former version

You are at the right place! Start by following the steps to update to the new version.

Automatic download

Be sure to check the window/palmup/automatic download checkbox if you want an ad to be always available to display in your app

Set the ad position

SDK V3 offers a whole new way to choose ad position. You only have to define an area in which you want to display ads. Regardless of the ad content we will source, the ad will fit within this area.

Go to Window/Palmup and check the previewMode to see the ad area, and testMode not to be charged with paid ads.

Activate the playMode

In playmode, adjust the Size of the adSpace using the settings in the Palmup window.

Be sure to uncheck "testmode" before production

You can exit Playmode, you are done with ad settings !

Display an ad

Palmup.launcher.DisplayAd() //[before was launchAd()]

Use the method Palmup.Launcher.DisplayAd() to display an ad instead of the old methodPalmup.Launcher.LaunchAd()