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Find here our recommandations regarding Palmup Ads integration

Ad size

The "Ad Size" is a square perimeter of your screen in which you allow ads to display. You can modify the ad size in the customize ads section.

We recommend closing a size that does not interfere with your UI.

Ad behavior

We receive various ads aspect ratio : landscape, portrait, squared. In your app, all of these ads will fit inside the perimeter you defined when setting the "ad size".

An ad will never be bigger than a square with the size you set up.

Ad Position

Place the ad wherever you want. Depending on your UI, we recommend not to pop the ad over a UI button to keep the User Experience fluid. You can personalize the ad position in the customize ad section.

Position responsiveness

Our ad format is responsive. Imagine you place it on the top right (x=100%, y=100%), it will automatically adjust to fit the more top and right position (see image below)

Ad Displaying

You don't know how to display an ad? Refer to the Display Ad Section

Depending on your game, several moments can be privileged to display an ad.

We recommend :

  • During the gameplay - if user does not have to interact with the part of the screen covered by ad.

  • On the game-over menu

  • On the Store menu

  • On the Main menu

We do not recommend :

  • At game launch

  • During a game moment that require a lot of concentration

Factor that can influence your revenues

Several parameters can influence positively or negatively your earnings. Better know them to optimize the ad placement within your app.

  • Ad Size - Bigger ads are used to perform better, generating more revenues. You can modify the ad size in the customize ad section.

  • Ad Position - Ad that can be reached with the thumb holding his phone in one hand are more likely to be clicked and generate revenue. You can customize the ad position in the customize ad section.

  • Number of ads per user - Don't display too many ads to the same user during a session. It's proven that the ad performance decrease over the number of displays.

  • Ad completion time - The longer an ad is viewed, the more revenue it generates. Using the killAd() method can lower the revenues.

  • User consent - In GDPR/CCPA territories, getting the consent of your user is important do content targeting and maximize your revenues. Want to use our consent popup? Refer to the Connect call & Consent section.

Any question ? Simply shoot us an email : [email protected]