Advertiser White Paper

Find here our recommandations regarding ads content.

Sending Media

You can sen us your media files by email : [email protected]

In the email title please precise 'Your organisation + Name of the product the files are related to'

Video Aspect Ratio

We are agnostic regarding resolution & aspect ratio. Palmup's format adapts to all resolutions and all possible formats from portrait to landscape.

Your ad will display within a perimeter chosen by the app's publisher :

Your ad aspect ratio doesn't matter. It will simply fit space like the below (ex for three different aspect ratio : landscape, portrait & square)

However, we recommend the use of rather horizontal formats for advertisements (from landscape to square).

Video Resolution

We recommend resolutions up to 1280x1280.

Video Coding

We recommend H264 compression (MPEG-4) with .mp4 file extension

If you have any doubts, we will take care of everything.

Video duration

We recommend snackable content. Video shorter than 15sec are more likely to perform.

File Size

We recommend file size up to 10mb for faster downloads.

Any question ? Simply shoot us an email : [email protected]