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How to update Palmup SDK?

Go to window/palmup you will fin your curent SDK version in the Palmup Menu within Unity.

Compare your version to the current version available on the Download Page

If a new version is available, that's good news! Here's how you update your SDK :

  1. Open Unity.

  2. Find your Project folder and find the Assets folder.

  3. Delete the PalmupAds folder.

  4. Re-import the freshly-downloaded SDK. Do so by going to Assets, then Import Package, then Custom Package.

  5. Select the new Palmup SDK (you probably saved it in Downloads)

  6. Wait a moment, and click "Import" in the bottom left. If any files in the list are greyed out/unchecked, and you can't check them, you didn't delete everything you should have! Start over.

  7. Wait a minute as the SDK finishes importing.

  8. Well done, you've updated the Palmup SDK !

  9. Please update your app-ads.txt with our potential new lines.

I'm a publisher, I'm not sure where to display Palmup ads in my app...

Don't panic ! Simply read our white paper about ad integration here !

I'm a publisher, can I cross-promote my game using Palmup?

Yes for sure, get in touch with us writing at [email protected] and we will be glad to set up a cross-promotion campaign for your game.

Could I perform mediation with Palmup?

Yes ! Simply refer to 'Custom Methods & Event'.

Do you provide a consent popup for GDPR/CCPA?

Yes Sir! Here!

Can I use consent popup from other ad providers?

Yes for sure, simply refer to this section to link consent with this popup

I'm an advertiser, can I advertise using Palmup?

Yes for sure! Simply shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will contact you asap.

I'm an advertiser, what kind of ad media are supported?

You can read our white paper about Palmup ads for advertisers here !

Can I become who I want to be?

That's a tough question but thankfully, our team is on it. Please bear with us while we're investigating.

Any other enquiry?

If you find any trouble during the process, please get in touch with us at [email protected] We will expand this section thanks to your feedback and according help to solve your issues.