6 - Display ads

Display ads programmatically in your app


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How to display ads in my app ?

We created several methods allowing you to display ads in your app.






When you use only one ad placement in your app


DisplayAd(string adUnit)

For custom adUnits (several ads in an app)

  • adUnit : name of your adUnit (for exemple "storeAd", "gameOverAd", etc...)

Use Palmup.launcher.DisplayAd() if you want to display one ad at one screen position and one place in your app.

Use Palmup.Launcher.DisplayAd(string adUnit) arguments if you want to display several ads at different screen position & moment in your app.

Display an ad - Classic

Use this method if you want to display ads at a fixed screen position in your app.

Just call this method in your C# scripts when you want to launch the ad and you are done!


Ads will display at a unique position you can customize in the customize ads section. If you want to display several ads at different positions, please refer to the Display several ads - Custom section just below.

Display several ads - Custom

Use this method if you want to display ads in different screen position and in different places in your app.

For example :

  • One ad at the bottom of Game over menu in an adUnit named '"gameOverAd"

  • Another ad at the top of the Store menu in an adUnit named "storeMenuAd"

Palmup.launcher.displayAd("gameOverAd"); // when the game over menu appear
Palmup.launcher.displayAd("storeMenuAd"); // when the store menu appear

General advices

You can interact with ads.

  • You can drag the ad on the screen

  • You can click the ad to open it

  • You can close the ad by clicking the red cross

  • You can also close the ad by dragging it to the top of your screen like a push notification.

For a better smoothness of the animations, we recommend using a Framerate of 60 minimum. You can set the Framerate using Application.targetFrameRate = 60; or check the "smooth animation" checkbox in the palmup menu

Always test your ads using 'Test Mode' in the window>Palmup menu

You are ready to go with Palmup Ads! Let's personalize them.