3 - Connect call & Consent


Complete Configuration.

What is connect?

Connect is a method that allows us to identify a user and display ads to them.

A successful connect call is mandatory before being able to print ads to this user.

Connect method takes in account the user consent requirement depending on Privacy Policy GDPR/CCPA in force. You can read more about GDPR & CCPA here.

Connect call

Palmup.launcher.connect(string userConsent);

To implement the connect call in your code, follow theses steps:

  • Collect the user consent of the user using your own method (if applicable)

  • Be sure that your user have an internet connectivity.

  • Once you have collected the user’s consent, simply call the connect(string userConsent) method and pass the user consent as a string argument.

User consent status

userConsent value as string

User consent given


User consent not given


[Optional] Additional User Consent String


User consent not applicable (out of GDPR/CCPA scope)

"" (empty string)

Here are some examples of situations:

// User consent given
// User consent not given
// [Optional] Additional User Consent String
// User consent no applicable (out of GDPR/CCPA scope)

Palmup Consent popup

To comply with GDPR/CCPA privacy policies, we created a consent popup that you can use within your app.

Follow the decision three below to choose wether you should use our popup or use another method to pass the user consent..




Automatically displays the consent popup based on user's location and save the user's consent for future uses.

Palmup.launcher.connect(string consent)

Connect using the consent string

("1" = consent given, "0" = consent not given)


Connect using the user consent if saved before.


Display the consent popup on demand allowing user to modify its consent (for a privacy button).

Once you have clicked on the Consent Popup, the consent is saved on the device and the popup will not pop again. For testing purposes if you want to show the popup at every launch, use the following method before displaying the popup : Palmup.launcher.deleteUserConsent()

Link the Palmup Popup with your consent policy.

If you decide to use the Palmup Consent Popup, you need to link it with external pages

Go to Window > Palmup and in Ad Settings and complete the requested urls.

Fetch the consent of your user

If you want to fetch the consent for external uses (other sdk, consent banner, etc...) you can subscribe to events named : OnConsentPopUpAgree & OnConsentPopUpDisagree

Find detail about these events in the "Custom methods & Event" section